Animal Healing

Animal Healing

Duration & Price:      30-minutes: $53

                                              60-minutes: $105 (recommended for animal and owner together)

Location:  Over the phone or in-person – Please email or text a picture of your pet and its name ahead of time


Energy healing modalities including ThetaHealing® may help identify, improve, and possibly heal problems your animal is experiencing including behavioral problems. I start with an intuitive scan of your animal, communicate with them, and discuss my findings with you. After discussing possible approaches, we develop a plan for your animal. If energy healing is called for, I’ll work to witness a healing for them. Other modalities such as massage or chiropractic work may also be recommended.


There are multiple ways to address behavioral problems, including addressing their environment, training, feeding, and relationship with you and other animals in the household or barn. It is possible to use ThetaHealing to address issues stemming from your animals’ beliefs created by past experiences. For example, a dog who was injured in a kitchen not being willing to go into kitchens. Through communication and love, many of these issues can be resolved.


We recommend that the owner of the animal participate in the session. Many domestic animals are very sensitive to the needs of their owners and may even try to take on a physical condition that the owner has in order to heal them. However, animals cannot then heal themselves. Working with both animals and owner, we can discover if the condition might be some form of mirroring and witness a healing for both parties.


I am not a veterinarian, but I’m happy to work with your animal’s veterinarian if desired. If your animal is sick or in pain, please take them to a licensed veterinarian first. Energy healing functions best as a complement to medical treatment, not as a substitute.



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