Animal Communication

Animal Communication

Duration & Price:      30-minutes: $53

Location:  Over the Phone – please text a picture of your pet and its name ahead of time


Through the practice of ThetaHealing® and Animal Communication classes, I have learned how to communicate with animals.  All animals communicate through telepathy.  It is something we are all born with but forget as verbal communication becomes the dominate form of communication in our lives.  Animals communicate through pictures and feelings, and sometimes words. We all wish that we could talk with our dog, cat or horse – and believe that it is impossible. It’s OK to be skeptical and still hire an animal communicator. We can help you identify a variety of problems including why they aren’t eating, why they can’t seem to get along, and what hurts.


Communicating with animals has opened a whole new world for me, and it can for you too. Send your pictures and share your concerns (if you like) of any species including horses, dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, and even your pet tarantula.


I am not a veterinarian. If your animal is sick or in pain, please take them to a licensed veterinarian first.


Give it a try, and if you don’t find the information credible, you can have your money back!



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