EarthLight Workshop

Duration:  2.5-hours
Price:  $80 per workshop

Location:  Online

Upcoming Seminars: TBD



In the EarthLight workshops, you will learn how we can bring more light into the world. Using ThetaHealing® techniques, you will learn how to clear your home, neighborhood, child’s school, any place you are guided to. You will learn techniques to aid in healing the earth herself, elementals, and sending Creator’s unconditional love to the human common consciousness. You will learn how to set protections for your home and allow crystals and angels to help you. Every clearing brings light and love to people, animals, elementals, homes, and land. Together let’s make this a better place to live!


All materials used in the EarthLight workshops were created exclusively by Cathy Handford for Morning Song LLC. Although this is not a ThetaHealing seminar, this workshop has ThetaHealing prerequisites.


Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, You and Creator


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