I learned about RAIN International supplements through a friend who had made a huge transformation: she looked healthier than ever! Some of it could be attributed to her long-anticipated move to Florida, but not all. I learned she had started a new regimen months earlier using products developed by RAIN. Intrigued, I learned about the products and tried them myself. I felt they were amazing products, so I'd like to share them with you. I also love the fact that a portion of the profit of all product sales goes to RAIN's non-profit foundation Seeds For Change, as well as their partners, influencing the lives of thousands for good.

RAIN products are made from seeds, and each seed contains more nutrients per part than anything on the planet. Every time you enjoy RAIN products, you’re giving your body the power to live youthfully, healthily, and powerfully.  I

RAIN Soul is the original product the company created, and it has high nutritional value at 35 calories per serving. It supports heart health and boosts your immune system. I take the RAIN Soul Red, which has also shown to have anti-aging benefits.

RAIN Core is great for people who don’t get enough vegetables in their daily diet. 

RAIN Bend is for those of us looking to support healthy joints – each ingredient selected to inhibit inflammation, and to support and revitalize your cartilage and tendons.

RAIN BRYT is a product I take daily to support healthy brain function, manage stress, and reduce “brain fog”. 

RAIN RENU is a daily detox for your body working to rid your body naturally of toxins and environmental threats from pollution and unhealthy foods.  I also take this daily.

RAIN Form is a powdered, natural protein which I add to my smoothies to create a small meal. It is vegan, keto-friendly, and zero sugar (about 125 calories per serving). If you love chocolate, you will love the flavor of this product! They also offer vanilla, but I’m partial to chocolate – yum!

RAIN Pure – provides powerful pre- and pro-biotics supporting a healthy digestive system. The peach-mango is a favorite flavor.

X-Seeds is a new CBD product combining Rain’s seed oils with HEMP extract to promote mental clarity and relieve anxiety.  Each serving provides 33mg of full spectrum HEMP extract.

In addition, RAIN has a set of facial products, REVRI, also made from seeds. I especially like the eye serum and facial moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin, and these products work as advertised as well as reducing redness.

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More information is available in this brief (4-minute) video:

Each product is backed by scientific studies. If you want to learn more of the science behind the products, please let me know, and I’ll send you more information.

Please contact me through the website if you would like personalized recommendations. 




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